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Hell yeah, now there's an instructional channel for learning Akido on (@kiaikidosrbija)

AnonAddy: Anonymous Email Forwarding

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In #Colombia, one million people protested against the neoliberal government. In response, a curfew was declared and the military was deployed.

We are sooo close to wrap up app we have been doing for year or so for face recognition and person detection. It is all neural networks and it is all local. I hope we will be at app store really soon.

Aral Balkan, One of us 

Ok, I finally get to read a book ("capitalism realism"). Nice one, I really liked it, so I go to look up the author (Mark Fisher) and guess what - he died, suicide from depression:/ WTF, what kind of books are appealing to me:)

I need to try out what will happen if you feed GPT models with sentences like "While communism/neoliberalism is really good/bad..
" and see how it will continue sentence:)

Isn't it sweet when OpenAI, very frightened that its neural network will be used for bad things (hint: just PR) mentions potential threats and lumps Marxism with terrorists, white supremacy, jihadists... didn't know they are in same category. Must be very dangerous stuff, this socialism thing. Here is link and screenshot:

Amazon’s “thoughtfully curated by experts holiday gift guide” consists of sponsored products that paid up to $2M to be on the list

Do SJWs know they are SJWs? Or... is SJW-iness in the eye of the beholder?:)

Looking at latest launch of skype web working only on chrome and edge and this comment I think we should start labeling these developers as "Chrome Developers" rather than Web Developers

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Mastodont je društvena mreža bazirana na otvorenim protokolima i slobodnom softveru otvorenog koda. Decentralizovana je kao što je decentralizovana e-pošta.