I'm currently looking at non-Google, non-Apple cloud storage options. The challenge is this: I don't trust myself as the best person to administer my secure cloud storage, either. So while a solution like self-hosted ownCloud looks good from a FOSS and privacy perspective, I don't trust myself to run one effectively and couldn't respond to an attack. Curious to hear if anyone else has been kicking this around, and if you've found a cloud storage service you trust... Maybe sync.com?


Did you consider nextcloud as a service? There are *some* providers around. Do you need it as backup, or as a two-way sync. If for backup, I am using Microsoft quite nicely (CloudBerry and rclone)

@kokan I want to be able to use the service like DropBox (so, two-way sync). The intent is that I will have the same level of access to my files on a burner laptop as I would on my own laptop.


Well, I guess this might be best compromise between manageability you get and supporting FOSS/caring about ethical apps/privacy - nextcloud.com/providers/. I never used those though, so don't consider this as recommendation, just as an idea:F

@kokan @nhr if you want to have a managed Nextcloud I can recommend PortKnox (portknox.net/en) from the provider list if you prefer a small but really good community provider. If you prefer a big provider you should have a look at hetzner.com/storage/storage-sh

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