Isn't it sweet when OpenAI, very frightened that its neural network will be used for bad things (hint: just PR) mentions potential threats and lumps Marxism with terrorists, white supremacy, jihadists... didn't know they are in same category. Must be very dangerous stuff, this socialism thing. Here is link and screenshot:

don't toot and drive:) just kidding, nothing of that, plain old fender bender:D

E, momcovi, kako da prevedemo toot? Ja sam ga prevodio baš tako - "tut", a glagol, kao " tvitni"/"tvituj" kao "tutni". Sviđa mi se što može da ima različito značenje u odnosu na naglasak;) evo moj screen

I started using some time ago and "converted" couple of people, let's if it holds...

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