Well, I guess this might be best compromise between manageability you get and supporting FOSS/caring about ethical apps/privacy - nextcloud.com/providers/. I never used those though, so don't consider this as recommendation, just as an idea:F

Ok, I finally get to read a book ("capitalism realism"). Nice one, I really liked it, so I go to look up the author (Mark Fisher) and guess what - he died, suicide from depression:/ WTF, what kind of books are appealing to me:)



Are you really, really sure there will be no blood of Javascript virgins spilled on the altar of Guido?:) What kind of temple is that???

Did you consider nextcloud as a service? There are *some* providers around. Do you need it as backup, or as a two-way sync. If for backup, I am using Microsoft quite nicely (CloudBerry and rclone)

I need to try out what will happen if you feed GPT models with sentences like "While communism/neoliberalism is really good/bad..
" and see how it will continue sentence:)

Isn't it sweet when OpenAI, very frightened that its neural network will be used for bad things (hint: just PR) mentions potential threats and lumps Marxism with terrorists, white supremacy, jihadists... didn't know they are in same category. Must be very dangerous stuff, this socialism thing. Here is link and screenshot:


Amazon’s “thoughtfully curated by experts holiday gift guide” consists of sponsored products that paid up to $2M to be on the list digitalcommerce360.com/2019/10

@masterofthetiger Seems like instance is holding up...feel free to invite whomever you want:)

Wait couple more days, I need to lower memory usage (I will let you know). If that works - no problem

Corporation won long time ago (once free/GPL software was put aside and we startef to call both mit and gpl under some "oss" umbrella). That being said, Microsoft is just last from corp that want good PR, you cannot prevent that. Luckily, all those corps mostly don't want to touch GPLed stuff with ten foot pole, so I am happy coding there, safe knowing corps wilč never be there:)

Hate to break it to you, but Facebook is not problem..(ok, maybe it is, but indirectly:D)

E, ja sam prvi put bio u haklabu, tako da nisam znao da li je nestruktuiranost i kreativni haos bio vrlina ili ne (it's not a bug, it's a feature:D). U svakom slučaju, meni je bilo osveženje:)

Do SJWs know they are SJWs? Or... is SJW-iness in the eye of the beholder?:)

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