if nothing else, i want my instance to at least last longer than the confederacy did

Cool, didn't know about this woman. I found reference in wiki with her ties to CIA, but I cannot find a link to rejection of socialism or some tame, capitalism-friendly form of feminism? Is there some literature on this?

Vietnam's British patient: "If I'd been almost anywhere else on the planet, I'd be dead. They would have flicked the switch after 30 days"

Couple days ago, this article was circling around HN, lobste.rs etc. Might give you perspective: yarmo.eu/post/no-io-yes-xyz. I have no sides here, take from this what you want:)

If it helps any, I did the same 4 years ago. Multiple failed attempts and then - bam, just like that! Cold turkey. It can be hard first month or so, but then, it gets exponentially better and better. More you are without it, more you should be proud and not give up! And no - I still miss it after lunch:)

Language of the Oppressor.

Double standards and hypocrisy are keen tools for flaying open so-called ideologies and revealing the raw power-lust inside.

See also: "Protests against racist police violence did not spread COVID-19, but Sean Hannity did"


#blm #covid19 #hypocrisy

I am not sure from your toot - are you looking for project, or you have some existing project and you ask for another pair of eyes?:)

If you don't care about privacy...

Did you hear that "data" is the new "oil"? If so, why are you letting strangers dig your backyard?

@chillallmen Bill Gates was just in his garage one day when he had the amazing idea to have a mother who knew someone on the board of IBM. He was truly self-made Harvard student.

"Under the bridge" is both easy, well knows and leaves ok impression, IMHO (and before 1996.:)

Hej, kako vas služu Jitsi za veći broj ljudi? Nažalost, propustih ovo, a baš je bilo low effort da se pridružim:(

Ex-imperialist are simple astounded how death rates are so low in India. No, no way hard lockdown has to do anything with it:

Accompanying HN comments:

(shh, someone needs to tell them communist-run Kerala has only 3 deaths)

I tried to note down my thinking how deep neoliberalism is engrained in today's society and how good they are in preventing any change. Any comment/criticism is welcomed!

@felix might like it

Hidden Rules Among Classes

Attitudes of poverty, middle, & wealthy classes to money, personality, social, food, and other factors.

From “A Framework for Understanding Poverty” by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.


#poverty #wealth #inequality #class

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In 1720 Marseille allowed a ship from plague-ridden Cyprus into port, under pressure from merchants who wanted the goods and didn’t want to wait for the usual quarantine. More than half the population of Marseille died in the next two years. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pl

@superruserr Because they need net large enough to catch all type of persons, so they end up with lowest common denominator, which, as you noticed, is to speak like retards and patronizing you

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