Laughing in Serbian (one letter-one sound, no other rules whatsoever:)


"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

Upton Sinclair

Yes, it's Serbian (I am from there). If you need any help with translation - shout. Another trivia - there was late night radio show where programs/games for Galaxy were emitted in the air for recording by listeners

"Galaksija" or Galaxy in Serbian, was a DIY computer from Yugoslavia, invented by Voja Antonić in 1983

It ran on a Zilog Z80 at 3Mhz and had 6K RAM and 8K ROM max. You built the whole thing, including the keyboard

Here's the complete listing from the Računari magazine (January, 1984) with the complete build instructions including the keyboard wiring (language is Serbian, I think)

And the ROM-a B instruction set voja.rs/galaksija/ROM%20B%20Li

Hell yeah, now there's an instructional channel for learning Akido on PeerTube.social (@kiaikidosrbija)

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In #Colombia, one million people protested against the neoliberal government. In response, a curfew was declared and the military was deployed.

Samo piši, nije bitno šta! Ja na mom blogu napišem nešte tek svaka 3-4 meseca, ali mnogo mi znači pošto kada nešto pišem, moram da ga dobro internalizujem i da ga STVARNO razumem. Često mislim da razumem nešto, ali tek kad krenem da napišem, shvatim koliko sam šupalj. Tako da - ne mora niko da čita, ja i pišem zbog sebe maltene:/


Yeah, who needs drugs when you are debugging production at 4am with angry client on the call. The thrill, the action, no drugs can beat that:)

Subscribed na RSS! Ne znam doduše šta je fora sa ovim generisanim sajtovima i što se svi lože na to, meni deluje kao korak unazad u odnosu na wordpress:/

We are sooo close to wrap up app we have been doing for year or so for face recognition and person detection. It is all neural networks and it is all local. I hope we will be at app store really soon. github.com/matiasdelellis/face

Aral Balkan, One of us 


Can you elaborate what "agree with AI" you meant? In what way OpenAI can be treat to them? Also I am someone who actually lived in communist country, so interested in what you think!?


Well, I guess this might be best compromise between manageability you get and supporting FOSS/caring about ethical apps/privacy - nextcloud.com/providers/. I never used those though, so don't consider this as recommendation, just as an idea:F

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