Corporation won long time ago (once free/GPL software was put aside and we startef to call both mit and gpl under some "oss" umbrella). That being said, Microsoft is just last from corp that want good PR, you cannot prevent that. Luckily, all those corps mostly don't want to touch GPLed stuff with ten foot pole, so I am happy coding there, safe knowing corps wilč never be there:)

Hate to break it to you, but Facebook is not problem..(ok, maybe it is, but indirectly:D)

E, ja sam prvi put bio u haklabu, tako da nisam znao da li je nestruktuiranost i kreativni haos bio vrlina ili ne (it's not a bug, it's a feature:D). U svakom slučaju, meni je bilo osveženje:)

Do SJWs know they are SJWs? Or... is SJW-iness in the eye of the beholder?:)

Yap, hats off, I agree, this looks really picturesque!

Looking at latest launch of skype web working only on chrome and edge and this comment news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1 I think we should start labeling these developers as "Chrome Developers" rather than Web Developers

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Putari dočekali sneg skromno u krugu porodice.

Wife: oh, lunar eclipse tonight, but it's at 4am, we're not gonna be able to watch it
Me: Well, don't forget our 2 year old son could very well wake up at 4
Wife: Naaah....

[4:06 am]

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