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Looking at latest launch of skype web working only on chrome and edge and this comment I think we should start labeling these developers as "Chrome Developers" rather than Web Developers

tech question, please boost 


Putari dočekali sneg skromno u krugu porodice.

Wife: oh, lunar eclipse tonight, but it's at 4am, we're not gonna be able to watch it
Me: Well, don't forget our 2 year old son could very well wake up at 4
Wife: Naaah....

[4:06 am]

@deda E, zdravo deda:) Nesto mi je kao poznat taj username, ali ne secam se kakvu smo "razmenu" poruka imali. Jel si imao ranije neke privilegije? Tipa moderatora, oces opet? Izvini, nesto se ne secam🤪

You just saw this, and noticed that code is on github, in the open, and on MIT licence (nonetheless!). What should Microsoft do in your opinion, so it doesn't look like a EEE strategy?:)

"He who ignores warnings will go to hell. Blessed are, who treat warnings as errors."
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