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@dadegroot Oh, I know what you going through:) Only that I don't have Google on a phone, so wife had to search on her own:) BTW, I didn't had much to do and I actually checked your route with MagicEarth, and and guess what - they are give same result as Google's first result:) So...takeaway, local knowledge is still king!:) At least for a decade or so:)

@dadegroot Did you consider OsmAnd or (propriatary, but using OSM data) MagickEarth? I wonder do they differ from almighty G

Kokan podržano
Kokan podržano

If you can talk about it at a semi-crowded caffe - it's not worth talking about.

@babetoduarte ok, ignore gimp, photomosh is exactly what I wanted! Thanks a lot for this site!

@babetoduarte awesome profile pic! What is this effect named, I want to try to recreate it in Gimp:)

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@meka I watched all of these: Also this: 3 years later, I can say that I remember only basics, but I have great appreciation of how hard of a problem molecular biology is. I mean, one may think programming is hard, but pfff

@cypnk as someone from eastern europe, this is ok, I guess:)

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Kokan podržano

@solene hah, yes, I remember, in my country there were periods where only delivery was option (except home cooking, of course:D). Luckily, those days are gone:D \o/

@solene it really depends where you live, but I stopped paying those delivery vultures any cent and just call to order, walk to fast foods/restaurants in vicinity and grab food myself. Those shops get more money and it is but healthier for me anyway. OFC, if you have to use car to get to nearest food (usa), then what I say is not that applicable maybe

@boki Da, blokirao sam ceo taj anime website:) Sad je ociscen kes i sve pobrisano, valjda je sve ok

@boki Druže, slušaj, izbrisao sam ove strahote, ali ovo je baš loše. Ne znam kako naiđeš na ove stvari, ali MOLIM TE NEMOJ više. Takođe bih te zamolio da postove sa begovanjem i sa eksplicitnim seksualnim sadržajem držiš na minimumu ili se prebaciš na drugu instancu za takav tip sadržaja

@boki da...nemam pojma kako se latinica i ćirilica ne slažu:) ja sam radio inicijalni prevod pre psr godina, nisam skoro gledao u kakvom je stanju. Drago mi je i da sam "toot" preveo kao "tutni", ima lepo dvosmisleno značenje

@boki E, ja sam to prevodio? Misliš da ne treba tako? Baš sam mislio da je fora zato što je tako slično (a inače ne volim kada prevode bukvalno, npr. "vatrena lisica" za Firefox i sl.)

@boki Verovatno je zbog onog, pa onda objects/62831f2b-0602-4659-a349-3fc1f38a700b ?:)

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