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Do SJWs know they are SJWs? Or... is SJW-iness in the eye of the beholder?:)

Looking at latest launch of skype web working only on chrome and edge and this comment I think we should start labeling these developers as "Chrome Developers" rather than Web Developers


Putari dočekali sneg skromno u krugu porodice.

Wife: oh, lunar eclipse tonight, but it's at 4am, we're not gonna be able to watch it
Me: Well, don't forget our 2 year old son could very well wake up at 4
Wife: Naaah....

[4:06 am]

"He who ignores warnings will go to hell. Blessed are, who treat warnings as errors."

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

don't toot and drive:) just kidding, nothing of that, plain old fender bender:D

Did a survey in my kid's kindergarten. Vacation country for most of then was Greece, but some of them went on vacation to country named "hotel". Not sure how good dataset is, when I asked who went on sea beaches in Hungary, 3 of them raised hands

Just so you know, "git -amend" doesn't amend anything.

It gets parsed as: git -a -m 'end'

That is, it commits all modified files with a message that just says "end"

I suffer so you don't have to 🤦‍♂️

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