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I reached a level where wife needs to ask me am I using each individual app:)... "honey, do you still use that wunderlist thing, I forgot"

Random HN quote: "I don't consider any software cross-platform unless it supports TempleOS" :)

[sr] Препорука ако хоћете чудне индијце!
[en] Recommending for interesting Indian food!

Can there be a site like LinkedIn but where you don’t have to pretend that capitalism is good?

expanding brain meme:
- playing music with a GUI player
- playing music with a TUI player
- playing music with the mplayer CLI
- playing music with the ffmpeg CLI

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Ne znam što mi je ovo tako smešno... slikao danas u NS-u, prodavnica board games-a i fantastike:)

Renting ice skates. Ending up with smelly feet with odor that is eignevalue of all different odor of all different males having my show size. You are free to user this status if you try to explain ...💩

It's not that bad, though, guy pointed me to his AirBnb and I requested proof from AirBnb private messages that it is really him:)

I reserved apartment using in New Delhi, first time in India. 0 reviews from me, 0 reviews from him. Some call me crazy:)

Started using DDG Plus plugin, so far so good! Seems that I will give up from Ghostery, not sure if I should keep Decentraleyes nor Privacy Badger...

Crazy how close our ancestors were in estimating the future, yet how far off they were.

Going to India, first place is . Any ideas/recommendations?

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